Psalm for the Day

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Part IV

Sadly, the Church has lost the fear of God.  They have become too comfortable and too familiar with the ‘feelings’ of being in His presence.  They are deceived by religious spirits in believing that they can walk into His presence with sin.  
The true fear of God will bring repentance, obedience and respect.  It will also remove compromise, arrogance, pride and sin.  
So many compare the presence of God to the membership of families and the privileges they have within the home.  They share how family members can walk right in the door without knocking and go right to the refrigerator without asking. It is considered a privilege of being a family member as opposed to a friend or stranger.
This is true of God that we have the privilege to enter in His presence but we can only do so without sin.   We can go into our family’s homes with sin but not in God’s presence.   Because we have likened this analogy to God it seems that we have become so confident that we have lost the true meaning of the fear of God.  
Jesus died to purchase the Church and present it blameless to God.  When the Church becomes polluted with sin, Jesus will remove that sin because He wants to keep the Church pure.   We often think of Jesus as the loving Savior, and He is, but when He judges, He is seen with eyes like a flame of fire and feet of burning bronze.   If the Church does not keep its ranks pure with discipline, then Christ will make it pure by removing the sin and/or person (s).
Do we have ears to hear Christ’s message to Thyatira? 
There are times that we all fall or make a mistake but we can repent and return back into a right relationship with God. 
Ask God a simple question, “How do You see my heart?”  Is there any hidden sin?
If so, repent and be restored into His presence. 
Those who have real faith will repent!  They will listen, act, and obey!
Jesus is coming……are you ready?

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