Friday, February 4, 2011

Jezebel Part 4

Jezebel          Part 4     

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”   Rev. 3:22  NIV

Jezebels live in a world of distortion and everything is exaggerated—good or bad; relationships, jobs, and accomplishments.  The distortion brings lies about everything in their life, from the smallest action to the greatest.
Jezebel complains that they are never appreciated enough nor are they praised enough.

They are also great liars.  They can look you in the eye and lie convincingly to you.  They will pour on their charm to distract you while they stab you in the back.  They will be kind, sweet and charming to entice you into their favor to get what they want.   They have no concept of reality or truth.

One day they are your worst nightmare and then the next day they act like they are your best friend.  They pretend like nothing ever happened, there was no conflict, all the while you are still trying to make sense out of what has just transpired.  
You are left reeling backwards trying to figure out what happened, why they just ripped you apart and shredded your heart.  You are dazed by the conflict and they act like nothing happened and you are to forget it and forgive them because it is over and today they love you.   Their response is: “get over it!...move on!” and let’s not talk about it.

Jezebels are double minded.  They are hot and cold.  You never know which way they are going to act when you see them. That is how they inflict fear to control you.

Charm is one of their greatest weapons against you.  But beware, without notice within a split second they can instantly turn that charm into wrath.

You will experience this behavioral change when you say no to them.   When you refuse to give them what they want, look out….war has been declared!

They do not take no for an answer.  They assume they can charm you to give them whatever they want.   If you refuse they will resort to fear and intimidation to “persuade” you to change your decision.

A typical Jezebel usurps authority.  They are aggressive, persistent and presumptuous.   They will challenge your decisions and tear you down behind your back.

They will sow seeds of discord and then come along like the hero to resolve the issues/problems that they caused.  They want to always look like the ‘savior’---- the hero. 

Jezebel is also very flattering and seductive.  They are con-artists.  
They love to play with your emotions!  
They try to build a false confidence with you.   Their love and loyalty is false.  It is expressed with an evil motive for power and control.  When they feel they are losing control or have lost control over you, the love and devotion will turn into hate, wrath and destruction.

Another good way to recognize a Jezebel personality is they usually are always saying how they do not need recognition, nor do they need to be the center of attention, they are happy just being in the back ground.  Their famous lines are, “I just want to be a servant or I just want to help….. I don’t need to be recognized”

That is a lie!  They need to be seen!  They will do whatever it takes to be noticed.  They have to be the center of attention, the life of the party.   They will make a big issue under a false guise of how they just want to be a ‘humble servant’.    Their motive is to work themselves into a position of influence.   

Jezebels have to feel they are in control even if they are not!

I believe it is important to have knowledge of the tactics Satan will use to deceive God’s people.  The more we know the better equipped we are to stand against his attacks.    One of the greatest weapons Satan has and uses is sin in our lives to control us and cause strife.  He will use us against each other to bring offenses and division.  The opposite of what God is all about.

God is love and we are called to love one another not dominate or control.  My purpose in these Jezebel writings is to give you some insight to the personality of Jezebel.  

We might all find one or two (or more) traits that we struggle with.  The light of Christ will reveal the darkness that might be hiding within us.  We need to pray over these areas, repent and change. 

This is not shared to condemn or to hurt.  Only to bring light to areas in our lives we need to pray over.

Remember just because we see ourselves in an area that is written about Jezebel does NOT make you a Jezebel unless you consistently operate in these areas to control and manipulate others.

I will finish a couple more areas that need to be identified before I continue on with writing about unhealthy churches and how they became unhealthy.

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