Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do We Really Understand What the "Fear of God" Means???

Do we really understand what the “fear of God” means?   
Do we really grasp who He is?
I do not think so.   If we truly grasped who God is, we would have a true reverent fear of Him.   We would show it by our words and our actions.    We would live like it every day, not just Sunday morning!
We would not turn Him on and off like a water faucet.  Being in His presence would change us forever!
We would be so ‘wrecked’ if we were truly in His presence.   We would do just as the twenty-four elders, in Rev. 4, did …….”fell on their faces and worship Him!”   We would not allow anyone to change the service, take an offering, read announcements or disrupt His presence.  
 After all isn’t that why we attend church….. to worship the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords?
The Priests in the OT were afraid to enter into the Holy of holies for fear of dying in His presence, due to defilement/sin.    Yet we are taught we can waltz right into His presence without repenting because we were ‘coaxed’ into His presence by cheerleading……or what is called ‘worship’.     All we have to do is sing the same song over and over until we get an emotional feeling and then we can stop.  
Funny thing……the prophets of Baal did that while Elijah waited for them to ‘entice’ their god to show up.    No show…..false ……..fake god.   No matter how much they cried out, yelled and cut themselves……their god never showed up.
Elijah did not have to sing a chorus over and over until he got a few tears to believe he was within God’s hearing.   He just simply prayed a faith prayer and God showed up! 
Worship is great!  God loves to be worshipped.  In fact His word says, “He inhabits the praise of His people.”    Sin causes separation from God whereby sin is not in His presence which means defiled worship=no presence of God.
Pride means no repentance which equals=== no fear of God!    We are taught to walk boldly into His presence with personal sin and with corporate sin without first repenting. 
 Why should that be so shocking?   I have seen this in many churches.
The worst I have seen is when communion is taken and NO repentance is made, explained or offered.  Everyone is encouraged to take communion while the worship is designed to bring a few tears and deceive us into believing we are in God’s presence.  It is all staged to make it appear so ‘holy’.      
Today, church has become an emotion.  We leave church saying, ‘it was great,’ if we were moved to a few tears and a warm fuzzy feeling.   By the time we get home, the feeling is gone and we are back to our old self; NO CHANGE!
I challenge you to seek the real ‘secret place’ of His presence.   That is where you find Him and it is more than words can express.
We need to get past religious spirits and deception.
 Let’s seek His presence and settle for nothing less.
Jesus loves you!

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