Friday, February 11, 2011

Four Types of Soil: Which Soil Describes You???

Mark 4 enlightens us with four types of soil, which represents four types of hearts.
We know that the condition of a person’s heart determines how fruitful the Word of God will be in their life.
The first soil the seed was sown in was hard, unable to be penetrated…”immediately Satan comes and takes away the word (seed) which was sown in them.” vs 15
The second soil is called ‘rocky ground’.  A person receives the Word for a short time, but when they become ‘stressed’, or when things get hard and we begin to question God through our doubt and unbelief, the Word soon withers away.
There was NO root.  No depth to the Word inside of them.  Quitting becomes too easy.
The third soil had thorns that choked out the Word.  The cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches and selfish desires choked the Word.
The fourth soil was good soil! The Word was heard and accepted.  Fruit is produced in this type of soil.
We all have a choice to either live with blessings or cursing; Duet. 28.   The choice is ours on whether or not we choose life or death, right or wrong, peace or strife.
God gave us a free will to make these choices in our life.  
We cannot allow Satan to steal the Word from us which would bring a spiritual death.
We must be aware that through either ignorance, unbelief, rebellion and/or disobedience we open the door to the evil one in our lives.
We have the free will to either obey or disobey.
I like this quote by John Bevere, “..willingness deals with your attitude. Your heart has to be in your obedience.”
If you have the Lord’s Word in your heart, you have the desire, the willingness in your heart to obey His Word.
Which soil describes you?

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