Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Price of Power……..

Isn’t the potter free to make different kinds of pots out of the same lump of clay? Some are for special purposes. Others are for ordinary use.”  Romans 9:21 NIRV

I will never be an overcoming disciple for Jesus unless I realize what failure is.

Failure, I have been taught, is when I do not pray, read my Bible or witness daily. 

But, those things are not failure, despite their importance; they are the symptoms of failure. 

Christian failure goes right to the foundation of my relationship with God and can be summed up in one word: sovereignty.

Sovereignty is God’s right to ask “unconditional surrender” of me.  That was Job’s problem.  Many have taught that the theme of the book of Job is “Why do the righteous suffer?”   In the light of God’s sovereignty, that is a meaningless question.

The basic conflict between Job and God was that of ultimate control.  Did God have the right to allow suffering on Job or anything else for that matter? 

It is awesome to watch how Job finally comes to understand that God wants sovereign control, Job gladly yields it to Him. (Job 40:1-5, 42L 1-6)

The human failures of the Bible, such as King Saul and Judas, stubbed their toes, not on dedication, commitment, or zeal, but on sovereignty.

They wanted God and His power desperately, but not at the price of unconditional surrender.

Unless, I am careful, it will be easy for me to repeat their mistake.   Christianity is not my using God, but God using me; not my debate for the best deal for time and eternity, but God making a beautiful vessel out of a lump of clay.

Flower pot or water jar, what is the difference as long as God decides which and supplies the power to make it possible!

My response to this glorious truth must be that of Eli: “It is the Lord; let Him do what seems good to Him.”  I Sam. 3:18


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