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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Integrity of the heart………

“For I know my wrong-doing, and my sin is always in front of me.   I have sinned against You, and You only.  I have done what is sinful in Your eyes.  You are always right when You speak, and fair when You judge.”   Psalms 51:3-4  NLV

Al Johnson became convicted of sin, was contrite, humbled his heart and decided to forsake his sin and follow Jesus.   When he did, his life changed.   He stopped a lifelong habit of lying and cheating.   After much thought and prayer he confessed his crime. 

His confession made television and newspaper headlines.  Honest acknowledgment of sin is essential in our own lives, too. 

What is another step in having a changed heart?

Confession!   It has two sides:  confessing to oneself by admitting the sin and confessing to God, for sinning against Him.

Along with admission of guilt is a confession of God’s correctness and justice in judging our sins.   David makes no plea for indulgent lenience or permissiveness, and no claim that God is too hard.  

A genuine confession demands a right estimate of sin meaning it is not a mistake, a slip-up or mischief. 

It also demands a right attitude to sin; a loathing, a disgust and disapproval of sin!

This brings us to the cross where we do NOT hide sins, but confess them and trust Jesus to wipe them away.

To confess demands honesty!

“…….I will walk with a heart of integrity
in my own house.
 I won’t set my eyes
on anything worthless.
I hate wrongdoing;
none of that will stick to me.”   Psalms 101:2-3 CEB

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