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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Acceptance of Hidden Sins…………

“Whoever covers over his sins does not prosper.
Whoever confesses and abandons them receives compassion”.  Prov. 28:13 GNT

The Bible teaches that sin always leads to separation in our spiritual lives and therefore discontentment in the other areas of our lives.

If we find that our Christian lives are not progressing, or if we are not flourishing and prospering spiritually, these might be signs that it would be a good idea to examine ourselves.

“Is there some unconfessed sin that I am harboring?”

Unfortunately, it is so easy to overlook the discipline of confession in our lives.  The world we live in has deadened us to sin.   We are surrounded by immorality, by law-breaking, by abuse, injustice and blasphemy on a daily basis.   No wonder we become desensitized to sin.   

We slowly compromise and no longer become disgusted by sin in us or those around us.  We chose to look the other way or justify their sins so we don’t have to change.   It’s too easy to live in the pigpen rather than stand up for what is truth and demand righteousness to prevail.  

Through this slow compromise we become comfortable living with sin and accepting sin in our lives, homes, church and workplace.   We have allowed the world to soften the way we look and accept sin.  We are no longer repelled, disgusted or rejecting sin.   We allow it in our lives because it is easier to accept it than stand against it. 

Our refusal to take action makes us just as guilty as the Roman soldiers who drove the nails threw the hands and feet of Jesus.  We are just as guilty by piercing His side with the sword of compromise.

Life has become all about me:  “what makes life easier for me……I will make the decision that is easy and comfortable for me………one that will not require me to change or rock the boat”.

The bottom line is we accept a “little” sin because if we allow our self to become disgusted by sin, it might cost us something and sadly, many are not willing to pay the price.

Maybe we need to have our spiritual ears opened so that we can hear the sound of the hammer smashing the nails into Jesus’ body or hearing the heart break of God and His cry over the hurt of our sins.  

If we could grasp the pain that God must feel when we hide or justify our sin it would make us think twice about accepting sin as the norm.   We would avoid it and be repelled knowing the cost Jesus paid to set us free from sin.

How much longer will we justify sin?

Our consciences-----our sense of what is sinful----have become dull.   

To retune our consciences we need to read our Bibles, to look deep into our hearts and pray for the Holy Spirit’s help.   Then we can become bold to root out sin, and willingly bring it to God for His forgiveness.

To be brought to the place of confession of our sins we need all the help we can get, which is why constant reminders of our sinfulness need to be part of the fabric of our church life together. 

But, disastrously, in my view most churches of this generation are letting believers down badly.

In most of our corporate life together sin is completely off the agenda.

If our corporate lives together are an accurate reflection of our personal devotional lives-----and I fear that they are----then it is no wonder that the churches have so many miserable Christians.

The Church needs to regain the Bible’s view on sin otherwise we shall never find the true happiness that God intends for us.

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