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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Faith For The Impossible

“They were completely amazed and said, "Everything he does is good! He even heals people who cannot hear or talk."     Mark 7:37  CEV

Discipleship for Jesus is not only doing what we can, but what cannot.

When Jesus said to the paralyzed man at Bethesda, “Arise, take up your pallet, and walk,” (John 5:8), He was asking the impossible humanly speaking.

If our Christian life is to be measured by what we can do, we are left with a purely human religion.  If on the other hand, Jesus is who He says He is, than He will often command us to do the impossible for His sake as well as others.

It is amazing how we believe so strongly in a super natural God, and yet, just as strongly try to live a natural life.

God asked Abraham to offer Isaac, a thing he could not do because it violated His promise to him. (Gen 22)  Yet, Abraham believed that what could not be done also could be done, even if it took a miracle to do it.

Abraham’s expectancy was in a miracle-working God.  This is where so many of us often fail, we believe in a miracle working God, but for “me”?   We believe that God works miracles in a foreign land, but find it hard to believe He works miracles for “me”.

Discipleship, if it means anything, means something just beyond our reach.  If it is simply my idea, my talent, or my energy then I can quietly dismiss Jesus and carry on without Him.

God forces us to do the impossible, for in no other way is He going to express Jesus in us.

Soon we may hear Him say, “Get up, take your bed and walk!” Or, “Get to Moriah and offer your Isaac.”

When we hear those words we will know a miracle is in the making, for we could not obey them apart from Him who is “able to do exceeding abundantly above all I could ask or think.”   Eph. 3:20

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