Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taskmaster or Servant?

True spiritual leaders---pastors are defined by Christ’s example.  “Whoever wants to be great among you must become the servant of all.”  Matt. 20:26
Christ-like leadership=Servant hood!
True leaders gain the loyalty of their members because of the quality of their character and their attitude of servant hood.
Good leaders lighten the load of their members while abusive leaders add to the load of their members.
There is a high rate of burnout among the members of an unhealthy church.  In order to gain approval or prove yourself a ‘true member’ unhealthy churches require levels of service that are very cumbersome, resulting in emotional turmoil or spiritual breakdowns.
Controlling pastors use their position to demand loyalty and inflict guilt if you are not ‘serving’ his church in some capacity.
The greatest threat to the Church today is unhealthy ---abusive leadership.  Often the unhealthy church is built around the pastor and ‘his’ anointing.  Members are lead to believe the church is ‘what’ it is today because of the pastors anointing.  They are lead to believe there is no one else as anointed in the church as he is.
Soon the pastor self-proclaims himself as a prophet, apostle or bishop.  They will then gravitate to others who will validate their self appointment.
Many may have begun with the right intentions, but unresolved issues, unforgiveness, pride or an unmet need of significance caused them to become dependent upon their ministry to meet their needs.
Although pastors are called to lead their congregations, they are under the authority of God’s word.  Therefore, they need some form of accountability.  
 Truth and authority is not rooted in personality, title or office.  It is determined by God’s word.
Unfortunately, Jezebelian pastors do no desire a system of accountability.  They feel it is their church and they are totally in charge and in control.  However, to make themselves look like they are accountable they set up a board of elders who consist of “yes-men” whom he ultimately selects.
They are there to make him look good and are shamed if they dare question his leadership authority or decisions.
Jezebelian pastors are fiercely independent and do not function well in a structure of accountability. 
People who question his ‘system of accountability’ or lack of accountability are labeled rebellious, backsliders, have lost their passion for Christ, unteachable or trouble makers. They will be faced with some kind of action to publicly ridicule, shame, shun, ignore, humiliate or destroy their character to save his “kingdom.”
A controlling Jezebelian church can be very harmful because it keeps people wounded, stagnant and deceived.
The church slowly begins to die, then a rapid decline in members, finances and God’s presence occurs.
The church is soon struggling to hold on to the small group that has remained.
The truth is a means of freedom, not bondage.
“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

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