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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Worship Warriors

“Then I saw another angel flying in the heavens. He was carrying the Good News that lasts forever.  He was preaching to every nation and to every family group and to the people of every language and to all the people of the earth.   He said with a loud voice, “Honor God with love and fear.  The time has come for Him to judge all men.  Worship Him Who made heaven and earth and the sea and the places where water comes out of the earth.”  Rev. 14:6-7 NLV

Many churches say the Lord’s Prayer but do not pray it.   Or when they sing “holy, holy” they do not mean it.   If they really did they would be on their faces before the altar.  They would truly have an understanding of who God is and who they are singing to.  He is HOLY!

We have memorized the song lyrics and forgotten the meaning of the words, or we repeat the words with our lips without singing them to the God of Wonders!

We go through the motions of worship but we do not actually worship, because our response to Him is not in the here and now.

The first person mentioned in the Bible as worshipping God did it wrong.  Cain was the first to offer an offering to God, and it was unacceptable.   His brother Abel offered an acceptable offering to God. 

Cain became so upset that he ended up killing his brother.  Some have claimed that Cain’s problem was that he did not offer the right thing that he was supposed to offer or that something was wrong with the ceremony that he did, but I think the Bible shows us that his problem was a problem of the heart.

He did not have the heart of a worshipper!   First off, the Bible emphasizes that Abel brought the best of what he had, while it says that Cain merely brought part of his harvest.   

When you look at this approach, you know that it cannot be the heart of someone truly seeking God.

I believe that Satan himself wants more than anything to keep us in our “religion” and away from true and authentic worship encounters with God.

Worship is at the center of a great spiritual battle.

Satan even tried to get Jesus to worship him!

“Again the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain. He had Jesus look at all the nations of the world to see how great they were.  He said to Jesus, “I will give You all these nations if You will get down at my feet and worship me.” Matt. 4:8-9 NLV

Why is worship such a big thing?

Worship is the key factor in the ongoing warfare between God and Satan.

Spiritual battles have always been over worship, fought with worship and will be won through worship.

People were created to be happy and fulfilled only when they worship God solely.  In these last days, God is calling upon all people to worship Him (Rev. 14:6-7).

This so infuriates Satan that he will try to force people to worship him or else be killed (Rev. 13:15).

God is calling us to be worship warriors!

For many Christians this is a new concept.

Just as the Levites went before King Jehosophat’s army, worship must precede our activities.

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