Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hidden Sins Part IV

“He who covers his sins will not prosper,
      But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy”.  Prov. 28:13 NKJV
Sin that is unconfessed, sin that is excused, sin that is unlamented, sin that is ‘justified’, sin without any self-judgment is certain to bring the wrath of a holy and righteous God!   You will never get away with hidden sins.
There is a terrible curse of God on hidden sins.   One of the most extraordinary examples of the fact that God cannot abide hidden sins is found in Joshua chapter seven.
One man had sinned and that sin marred the fellowship between God and His people.  One sin completely stopped the flow of His power.
The sin of Achan brought defeat and ruin to Israel.   (Josh. 7:2-5)
This proves that sin will bring a curse upon our lives, our families, our churches and nation.   Sin causes separation from God! That separation opens the door for Satan to enter in.  He will use deception to hold you in denial, to continue living under the false pretense of being in God’s presence.
The Word clearly states Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (II Cor. 11:14)
Hidden sins bring failure, shame and disgrace.
   “…it is no wonder. Even Satan tries to make himself look like an angel of light.  So why does it seem strange for Satan's servants to pretend to do what is right? Someday they will get exactly what they deserve”.   II Cor. 11:14-15  CEV

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