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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Fear of God Part II

“….but no one who sins
   and rejects God
 will prosper or live very long”.    Ecc. 8:13  CEV

God instructed Joshua to cast lots in front of over a million Israelites.  He went by tribes and found the tribe Achan belonged to.
This should have made Achan realize God knew about his hidden sins.  He should have walked forward and confessed his sins which could have saved his life and his family.
He did not go forward because he was not sorry for his sins and he was still hiding them.
Then Joshua cast lots to see which family this terrible sin was hidden in among the tribe of Judah.   Judah means “Praise”…….Achan was from the tribe known for praise!
Achan’s family was then selected, the family of Zabdi.    Still another chance was given for Achan to confess, repent and save his household.    God gave him one more opportunity to step forward, but he was neither afraid of God nor sorry for his sins.    He was rebellious and stubborn to still hold on to his hidden sins.
Finally, as the lots were cast over his family line, Achan’s name was called.
Joshua spoke kindly to Achan as he asked him to confess before God his sins.  (Josh. 7:18-21)
I believe Joshua knew the whole time Achan was guilty, because God had already revealed it to him.
Joshua went though the procedure of casting lots to show the people that God knows everything.
“…..the LORD your God will be watching to find out whether or not you love him with all your heart and soul”.   Deut. 13:3  CEV

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