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Monday, April 18, 2011

Enslaved to Sin

“Jesus answered them, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Whoever commits and practices sin is the slave of sin”.   John 8:34  Amp
When sin enters a person’s life, it begins to corrupt and fill them with vanity.  A person enslaved to habitual sin will have a difficult time growing in the knowledge of Jesus because of sins corrupting influence.   It gives them a false sense of security that they have no consequences for sin because of God’s love.
The Bible teaches that sin is pleasurable “for a season”.  That’s why it is powerful and addictive.   Sin can be exciting, thrilling, and stimulating for a short time; there’s no lasting satisfaction with sin.
When the thrill wears off, what’s left?   The pain of emptiness combined with feelings of disgust, guilt and shame.   Sin never keeps its promises!   No wonder Jesus said, “….truly, truly I say to you, “Whoso ever commits sin is the slave of sin.”  (John 8:34)
Life is great until we get caught in sin and our disobedience is brought to light.
Many twist God’s Word around to justify their actions and decisions of disobedience.  Like the pig they go running back to wallow in the mud and choose to remain in the pig pen.  The sorrow they bear deep inside is due to separation from God.    Religious spirits control their emotions by deceiving them into believing they are in the presence of God.
A person can fool themselves and others by cleaning the outside; washing off the mud and going through the motions of deceiving those around them.  They will then run back to the pig pen to live out the week in their deception of sin and disobedience.   Sunday comes and they clean up again, to go play the game of deception.  The stronghold of deception grows even stronger and the great chasm becomes wider in separating the sinner from God.
Others may be fooled, but God is NOT!  He sees the heart and is grieved even deeper by their games of deception.
God will not be mocked.   He will bring forth that which is hidden.
“Everything hidden will be revealed, and everything secret will come out into the open”.      Mark 4:22    CEB

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