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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obedience glorifies God……………..

Because at [your] standing of the test of this ministry, they will glorify God for your loyalty and obedience to the Gospel of Christ which you confess, as well as for your generous-hearted liberality to them and to all [the other needy ones].”             II Corinthians 9:13  AMP

Our obedience glorifies God!

God desires His children to choose obedience over rebellion.

We should desire to worship God to show our love, thankfulness, obedience, love and our respect for Him.

The Jews only pretended to worship God: They had forsaken the Lord and turned their backs on Him. They no longer demonstrated any respect for Him or His Laws. (vs 4)

Their worship didn’t change their behavior so it was empty, meaningless, and offensive to God. (Vs. 11, 12)

Does that sound like our day, as well?

Certainly, God had instructed them to sacrifice, but it wasn’t just to have His temple courtyard trampled by hooves of animals.

But because they have turned their backs on God, He turned His back on them. (vs. 15)

 He did not want to do it, but they had violated His covenant.

Let’s look again at Rom. 12:1. We are told that surrendering ourselves as living sacrifices is our spiritual act of worship.

There’s more to worship than gathering and doing certain things at certain times, like Sunday morning.

John 4:23- 24: A Samaritan woman asked Jesus about the proper place for worship. She seemed concerned about doing the correct thing in the correct place, but she was not sincere.  If she were, she wouldn’t be living in adultery.  If worship does not affect your life, it is insincere.

If you can gather on Sunday morning and sing praises, pray, participate in the Lord’s supper, and listen to the Word then steal from your employer, cheat your employees, lie, have unforgiveness, jealousy, deceit, control & manipulation, addictions, commit fornication, etc. the rest of the week, your worship is offensive to God.

 In fact, it is not worship but disrespect for God.  You are only going through the motions to impress others.   A sanctimonious ritual!  

You read the word and pretend to be a Believer while still secretly living in sin!

It’s rebellion and disobedience combined with a lack of faith in God’s word.

This is hypocritical to God and a stench in His nostrils.

It is deception at its finest!

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