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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doing good things cannot transform a corrupt heart……..

“………there are many who are rebellious people, loudmouths, and deceivers, especially some of those who are Jewish believers.   They must be silenced because they upset entire households.  They teach what they shouldn’t to make money dishonestly.   Someone who is one of their own prophets said, “People from Crete are always liars, wild animals, and lazy gluttons.”    

This statement is true.  Because of this, correct them firmly, so that they can be healthy in their faith.   They shouldn’t pay attention to Jewish myths and commands from people who reject the truth.   Everything is clean to those who are clean, but nothing is clean to those who are corrupt and without faith. Instead, their mind and conscience are corrupted.   Titus 1:10-15 CEB

The apostle Paul had a mission to instruct Titus who would take action against the false teachers, and thereby give an example for the elders on how they were to care for the churches under their charge.

What happens when this is neglected in the church?

Leadership becomes a solo act where one man/woman becomes center stage and they are controlling the Church.   They soon manipulate, deceive, charm and flatter their way into being “god” in the lives of the congregation.

They do not encourage others to use their gifts, anointing or abilities for fear they may be out-shined so they control every detail of the church.  They do not trust their leaders therefore they lead every function, teach every service, lead every prayer gathering and make all the decisions.   They surround themselves with “yes” men/women so they are seen as the most anointed, powerful and intelligent.  They want people to believe they are the only one who hears the voice of the Holy Spirit.   They believe they are more spiritual than anyone else and they should never be questioned or challenged.

You can identify them quickly because their words do not line up with their actions. 

As a result something happens to the spiritual lives of the people in their church. Instead of a holy people "zealous for good deeds and a true revival," they become self-absorbed, self-centered, religious people. When the church has no testimony of the purity and priority of the gospel in the community, it is shipwrecked.

Is this not the danger in our day?

We have so many people professing to be Christians, and yet we have so little impact on our communities.  Morals continue to slide. Ethical practices continue to erode.  Marriages constantly implode. Work ethic spirals downward. Rather than salt and light in the communities, Christians seem to be joining the world and its lifestyles.  Our goal must be soundness in what we believe and how we practice the Christian life, not falling for subtle distractions or men's opinions or the leanings of the religious crowd.

Unless the foundation of one's faith is built solidly upon Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead, then it is a misplaced faith built upon a crumbling foundation. For so many, the foundation of their faith is in their profession or their baptism or a prayer they prayed or the assurance given by a parent or a pastor rather than in Christ alone.

Here's the grave danger that has been promoted even among evangelicals.  As long as you profess to know Christ, then all is well. But note Paul's warning. "They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless [disqualified] for any good deed."  The emphasis that Paul places upon the gospel is that it is not simply a profession-it is a life.

There are those that do lots of seemingly good things.  But doing good things cannot transform a corrupt heart.

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